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Canaan Village Inn Motel

Travel to Canaan Valley WV, Canaan Valley WV, Driving to Canaan Valley WV, Monongahela National Forest, Canaan Village Inn sits on 10 acres of beautiful rolling land with views of the mountains and a nearby pond. Canaan Village Inn is located in the center of the Valley. Come stay at Canaan Village Inn and enjoy the beauty and wonders of Canaan Valley, and the convenience to all activities and nature's splendor

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@CanaanVillage Sep 28, 17:58

The Caboose at Canaan Village Inn now open

@CanaanVillage Sep 28, 17:54

The Caboose is open for lunch. Come get a great pulled pork sandwich

@CanaanVillage Sep 28, 03:45

The Caboose at Canaan Village Inn is now open !! Great Food and Great service !!!!! Come see us

@CanaanVillage Sep 28, 03:43

The Caboose at Canaan Village Inn is slamming with great food and great service ! Come check us out

@CanaanVillage Mar 30, 02:56

We have a new responsive website ! Easy online bookings.

@CanaanVillage Feb 26, 04:34

@TuckerWV We now a Mobile App !

@CanaanVillage Sep 26, 04:23

We upgraded our rooms and add 5 more king rooms

@CanaanVillage Oct 16, 04:44

@chrismatherly A buddy it's Sam from Canaan Village Inn. Hope you guys are doing well

@CanaanVillage Oct 16, 04:41

Customer We Listen. Canaan Village Inn has upgraded our rooms with new carpeting, flat screen tv's and comfortable Sealy Plush mattresses

@CanaanVillage Aug 15, 04:11

We are growing !!!!!

@CanaanVillage Jun 23, 19:09

We have a great bluegrass show coming this 4th July weekend!

@CanaanVillage May 27, 16:48

WOW!!! What a busy weekend

@CanaanVillage Apr 24, 22:25

We are looking for housekeeping and possible training for front desk... Call 304-866-4166

@CanaanVillage Apr 23, 22:41

Great place to visit while your in Canaan Valley WV

@CanaanVillage Apr 05, 05:48

Friday April 19th Hillbilly Gypsies ! Featuring: Kelly Lynott, James Archer & friends, Ronnie Palmer, Sam Mancinotti, Jimmy Fox Garry Rowand

@CanaanVillage Apr 04, 18:31

WE have tickets now at the motel !!!! April 19th show

@CanaanVillage Apr 03, 21:50

Canaan Valley WV| Pickin At The Inn. Live music venue in Canaan Valley West Virginia

@CanaanVillage Mar 30, 16:57

Tickets on sale !

@CanaanVillage Mar 26, 20:08

Pickin at the Inn opening April 19th

@CanaanVillage Mar 24, 19:54

Frederick Herz It's your last chance to ski big snow, big mountain terrain east of the rockies because winter is...

@CanaanVillage Feb 20, 18:48

We are looking for experienced housekeeping/front desk person to join our team ! MUST have experience in either...

@CanaanVillage Jan 26, 22:29

New page on our website !!! Very cool

@CanaanVillage Jan 26, 22:29

New page on our website !!! Very cool

@CanaanVillage Jan 24, 01:35

Canaan Village Inn, Davis, United States of America

@CanaanVillage Jan 23, 19:56

Have up to 12 people for your ski trip or getaway!!

@CanaanVillage Jan 23, 19:40

Ski Timberline this weekend ! Call us for the best rates in the valley.....304-866-4166

@CanaanVillage Jan 23, 01:38

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